Terms and Conditions of Registration

Please contact the nursery management team for details of the fees, which are to be paid for up to 52 weeks of the year. Fees will include bank holidays, two weeks annual Easter closure and 3-5 staff training days.

Please note that in the event of any absences such as sickness or holidays, fees are still to be paid.

Eligibility criteria

You are eligible for a place if:

  1. Your child is aged twelve weeks to five years. Your child is expected to have started school by their 5th birthday if not earlier.
  2. Your child cannot access free funding at more than one setting and we would recommend children attend one childcare setting at a time. This is to prevent your child having to become familiar at a young age with different expectations and routines.

Criteria for prioritising places

If the demand for places is greater than the number of available places, the following criteria will be used in order of priority to offer places in each age group, whilst also maintaining gender balance:

  1. Children on a Child Protection or Child in Need Plan or (looked after by the local authority including those adopted or cared for under a court order depending on the circumstances).
  2. Children assessed as being in need of early help and are on an early help plan including children with a disability.
  3. Children already in a part time place whose parents wish to increase their days.
  4. Children with a sibling attending the nursery. Siblings will not be considered if their older sibling is due to leave the nursery before the younger sibling takes up their place.

The allocation of places will be based on the following principles:

  1. Make early education and care accessible to children from Haringey’s diverse socio- economic communities.
  2. A number of places are expected to be offered to 2-year olds eligible for their free 15 hours entitlement.
  3. A number of places will also be offered to children 3-5years eligible for free funding 15 or 30 hours.
  4. Promote inclusion by giving children with special educational needs and/or disabilities an opportunity to benefit from early education and childcare to support their development.

This means that the admissions register will offer places to children in chronological order of the above criteria.

General information

  1. The nursery space admissions are managed by our management team.
  2. Completed application forms must be returned latest two weeks in advance to the child’s start date at nursery.
  3. It is the parent’s/legal guardian’s responsibility to notify the nursery immediately of all changes of address, emergency numbers.
  4. Due to the length of the admissions register for places, we may only be able to offer you a part-time place initially for your child.
  5. The nursery currently opens 6.45am – 6.45pm Monday to Friday. We offer extended days and Core days 9.00am -5.00pm (please note that fees differ for extended and core sessions). Children should arrive by 9.00am in order to receive the full benefit of the day and must be collected punctually (please note we close our doors promptly at 6.45pm)

A late charge of £10.00 is applied at 6.45pm with an additional £5.00 for every 5 minutes after the set closure time. Persistent late collection may result in the withdrawal of the place.

  1. In order to manage infections, children should be up to date with their immunisations and the nursery must be notified of any illness.
  2. The nursery may exclude any child suffering from
    • an infectious or contagious disease (details on admission); or
    • any child from a household where there is a case of infectious diseases. Re-admission will be in line with statutory guidelines.
  1. Children must be brought and collected by a responsible person no younger than 16 years old.
  2. An emergency telephone contact number is required when your child is admitted to the nursery. Note…emergency numbers will be checked at regular intervals.
  3. The reason for your child’s absence must be reported to the nursery within 24hrs. Persistent absence may result in the withdrawal of the place.
  4. Parents must give consent for the admission of their child to hospital for emergency treatment.
  5. Development review meetings regarding your child’s progress will be held termly subject to change, which parents or carers are expected to attend.
  6. There will usually be one late opening at 9am or one early closure fortnightly to facilitate service development and training. The normal daily charges will be applied for these days.

Settling process

  1. Parents have the option to settle your child for up to 3 days and will not be charged for this initial settling period, this is usually booked during the morning session for a maximum of 60 mins.
  2. Fees will be payable from your formal start date.


  1. A deposit of £150.00 and the first weeks fee must be paid in full before admission date. The deposit will be deducted from the final payment for your child’s last two weeks of attendance once we have received the official two weeks written notice of place termination. Failure to give official notice will result in the loss of deposit.
  2. A minimum of 2 weeks written or email notice is required to terminate the place.
  3. A “no arrears” policy is applied at Sunbeams Nursery. Failure to adhere to this may result in the immediate withdrawal of the place. Please note that if your place is temporarily suspended due to late payment of fees, your fees will remain payable for the suspended days and if not paid, may result in the immediate withdrawal of your place. There will also be late charges applied to outstanding nursery fees and your account invoiced weekly.
  4. You will be given information about:
    • Opening hours, set closures, training days and staff meetings.
    • Fees
    • 15hrs free nursery entitlement for eligible 2 year olds and all 3 & 4 year olds.
    • 30hrs free nursery entitlement for eligible 3 & 4 year olds.
    • All about Me profile must be completed with named Key Person before start date; bookings will be booked through the management team.